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Plains Facility

Plains Facility

Brandt Consolidated, Inc. Pleasant Plains, Illinois

Their Needs

BRANDT in Pleasant Plains, Illinois had a big ole problem and we came in and fixed it like a plumber under a sink. 

Our Solution

Our Solution A new fertilizer and crop protection hub with three bays capable of moving 600 gallons per minute with top and bottom fill options.

Total Square Feet:12,160 (80 x 152)
Containment System: Concrete Diked
EPS Solid Core Building

Liquid Fertilizer
Liquid Fertilizer Storage Capacity: 3,180,000 gallons
Tonage per Year: 2,500
Tonage per Day: 2,850
Tonage per Hour: 285

Crop Protection
Bulk Chemical Storage Capacity: 128,000 gallons
Chemical Receiving Capacity: 4,500 gal/hr
Chemical Load Out Capacity: 4,500 gal/hr