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United Farmers Cooperative

United Farmers Cooperative

United Farmers Cooperative - Browntown, MN

We partnered with UFC to build the liquid portion of their 2017 terminal. This large facility services a wide area in the UFC distribution network in southern MN. Here’s what Precision Liquid Construction PLC built:

3 Field Erected Storage Tanks with Rail and Truck Unloading
Two 1,000,000 gallon tanks
One 500,000 gallon tank
6 car railheader

EPS Foam Core Building with Two Major Sections
Load out bay: 100' x 76' long
Warehouse: 152' x 116' long
Two load out bays, to include a 24/7 bay
All concrete work with the building

Stainless Steel Chemical Tanks Inside Building
Eight 10,000 gallon tanks; 304 alloy tanks
Two 30,000 gallon tanks; 316 alloy tanks

Liquid Fertilizer
Two 20,000 gallon fiberglass tanks
Two 30,000 gallon mild steel tanks

Inside Water/Rinsate System
One 3,000 gallon poly fresh water tank
One 3,00 gallon poly rinstate tank


  • All inside stainless steel piping to and from chemical tanks to load out bays
  • Stainless steel manifolds
  • Installed mass meters and all air actuated valves
  • Underground HDPE pipe from field erected tanks to load out building 6" inside 8" for containment - approximately 400'