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Inspection and Repair

Inspection and Repair


  • Tank Cleaning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Industry Standards Compliance
  • Storage Tank Inspections
  • Piping Inspections
  • Lining and Coating Inspections

Inspection and Testing

After cleaning, a visual inspection is done of the tank. Any areas of concern are documented and supplied to the customer with our recommendations for repair. If a more thorough inspection is required, vacuum box, leak penetrant, and radiographic testing are available.


Repairs are made to meet or exceed API 653 Standards. Examples of common repairs are pitting areas, worn welds, worn steel and corrosive areas.

If there are areas of concern in the tank floor or sidewall, depending on the condition, a coating may be applied instead of replacing it. The area is sandblasted and thoroughly cleaned, the coating is then installed over the entire tank floor
and a portion of the sidewall or the entire sidewall depending on customer preference.

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